Dog and small animal Neutering Scheme, 2019

Some good news for dogs and small animals (FOR CATS SEE SEPRATE PAGE) in the Stoke/Staffs Moorlands area. Thanks to generous donations through the local CoOp, funds are available for our dog and small animal neutering project. This  covers both male and female dogs and will assist anyone on benefits or low income in having their pet neutered. The Branch have set aside a  ring fenced budget for this project which will continue until further notice. Free microchipping will also be given.

Any qualifying member of public will be given a voucher which can then be given to the Vets. There is no cost though a donation would be appreciated so that more animals can be helped.

The vouchers will have an expiry date, 2 months for Dogs and 4 months for puppies from the date of issue.

To claim the voucher, or for further details, either ring our landline 01538 388604 ( answering machine out of hours) or by email to admin@rspca–

You will be asked to provide evidence of your address and income which can be done electronically or through the post.

The vet that we use is Hope Vets, Newstead Industrial Estate, Trentham.




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